Property insurance

As soon as the hammer comes down, the purchaser has a financial interest in the property they have just exchanged contracts on. It is essential they are satisfied that their valuable asset is at least adequately insured by the vendor.

Utilising the expertise of a specialist insurance broker provides you with peace of mind that your new property is insured properly and can also save you money.

Lambert Smith Hampton works closely with Aquilla Insurance Brokers, who provide market leading specialist property insurance advice. They ensure that as a property owner, you are covered not only for the fundamental buildings reinstatement, loss of rent and property owners liability risks, but also will help you to identify and arrange any other property related risks including engineering insurance and inspection, title indemnity, construction, environmental impairment and latent defects which may be required from time to time.

Before you buy

We appreciate that buying a property is often shrouded in secrecy, but advising your insurance broker in good time prior to exchange of contracts should form part of your pre-purchase check list before you are committed. Click here to learn about what you should be asking of the vendor prior to exchange.

Let Aquilla guide you with their expert knowledge

Clients of Aquilla can benefit from a confidential review. Alternatively, your property insurance questions may be answered at

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